Inspire Trust Ethos

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Work With Us

Fair effective and robust Human Resources Strategies will support Inspire Trust to deliver our ethos.  We aim to employ staff who are; well qualified in their field, have the potential to grow, are professional and possess the qualities and personal ethos to work effectively with our learners.  All staff at Inspire Trust and our Academies show commitment to supporting learners to achieve, have high aspirations for their success and contribute to the ongoing pursuit of excellence.


  • A culture that values the individual and their potential to make a positive impact on our learners and our workers and working practices.
  • Effective and supportive leadership and management at all levels.
  • Salaries in line with national agreements.
  • Access to the Teachers and Local Government pension schemes with employer contributions at between 13 and 23 %.
  • A robust and supportive Staff Wellbeing policy.
  • Employee Assistance Programme via the Educational Partnership.
  • Access to quality Continuing Professional Development.

To view our Safer Recruitment Policy, please click here